Tom Cassella has been a music educator for special needs children for the past 10 years. He has developed his own curriculum to help teach music harmony using color and geometry. This launched him into an eight year stent of research in which he believes he has discovered the true musical nature of the Universe and the secrets of Sound Healing. Tom has been presenting his theories over the last year to many different churches and venues and is doing his best to spread the message of love, healing, and unity through his presentations and musical compositions.

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“We were astounded and uplifted by the fascinating presentation of The Nature of Sound Healing Research. Tom Cassella has uncovered and connected major aspects of math, music and metaphysics to reveal a pattern of unity that connects one to God – their highest self, and to one another. Whether or not you have an understanding of the science or music theory, you will have a powerful experience of this research. And then you will be transported to a visceral experience of healing and the revealing of your own inner Truth. Tom not only has a brilliant mind but is a brilliant Light in this world and shares his gifts so beautifully and generously. We were blessed by his presence as I am sure anyone would be.”
Rev. Janice Billera
Spiritual Leader
Unity of Sussex County

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